Charging at our public charging stations

Charging at our charging stations is easy. Simply choose one of three options for paying:

  • via EWF ID card
  • via ID card or app of a different provider
  • via ad hoc charging without any registration (simply scan the QR code sticker attached on the charging station)

The costs for charging your vehicle are as follows (all prices inclusive of VAT):


Charging with
EWF ID card

Charging without EWF ID card

Ad hoc charging

ID cards or apps
of different providers

Start price
per charging process


1,50 €

According to
terms and conditions
of the respective provider.


48 € cent
per kWh

48 € cent
per kWh

Usage fee
after two hours
(not applicable between
10 pm and 6 am)

2 € cent
per minute

2 € cent
per minute

Calculation of prices

The meter is calibrated and therefore you only pay for the energy you really charged the vehicle from the grid.

The usage fee for charging your vehicle for more than two hours applies between 6 am and 10 pm only. This fee is supposed to encourage users to free the charging station quickly for other customers. Thank you for your understanding.